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5 Reasons Why Lab-Grown diamonds are the best option

Are all your friends raving about Lab Grown Diamonds and you’re left wondering what the hype is about? Has your partner hinted at an expensive “show of love”, leaving you in a cold sweat while counting your pennies? Relax! We’re here to introduce you to the best alternative to naturally occurring diamonds, and reveal the 5 reasons why it is a better buy. So, before you purchase any more jewellery online, let’s see what makes Lab-Grown Diamonds so amazing! More Affordable First things first, and usually the deal-breaker for many a diamond lover. Are lab-grown diamonds cheaper than mined-diamonds? The answer is a resounding, yes! A whole 20 - 40% cheaper! This, of course, will depend on the clarity and a few other characteristics, but, on average, you could pay almost half of what a naturally occurring diamond would have cost. Or you always have the choice of matching the budget and trading up in size and quality! Not just a look-alike You will find a lot of diamond alternatives that bear a striking resemblance to diamonds, but they still don’t technically qualify as a real diamond. Because lab-grown diamonds display the same chemical and optical properties as natural diamonds, they’re the real deal, and even expert gemologists can’t tell the difference! Lab conditions reproduce the conditions of the earth’s crust and just fast-forwards the process a bit. High-temperatures and high-pressure results in carbon atoms arranged in the exact same structure as naturally occurring diamonds. Eco-Friendly With eco-friendly being all the rage these days, it’s great news that you can still rock your fashionable jewellery without any guilt whatsoever! And who wouldn’t choose to have precisely the same product, minus any negative connotations? Lab-grown diamonds are 100% conflict-free, and no part of the earth had to be tarnished to create this luxurious stone. According to a recent study, lab-grown diamonds have a mere 18-22% of the carbon footprint of a mined diamond. Off The Charts Sparkle Factor You might be thinking, ok, all of this looks great but…. Do they sparkle like “real” diamonds? Yes! And maybe even a little more! Lab-grown diamonds are measured on the same characteristics as mined diamonds, and because they are manufactured, we have much more control over imperfections that affect their clarity. Another important contributing factor is the cut, and again, lab diamonds are easily manipulated to achieve the highest cut level, maximising the sparkle and luminosity. Unsurpassed Durability With a hardness of 10 on the Mohns scale, no other gemstone can beat the diamond! Perfect for everyday wear and able to withstand inevitable bumps and scratches make lab-grown diamonds’ durability unequalled. Man-made diamonds possess dazzling radiance and remain one of the most luxurious gifting options. Boasting unparalleled beauty and sparkle at an affordable price places lab-grown diamonds at the top of sought after gemstones. Lab-grown diamonds are every bit as magical as the naturally occurring diamonds that were created millions of years ago. So we’re sure by now you’re wondering where you can buy Lab-grown diamond jewellery online in India? Infinity Sterling presents an incredibly user-friendly and safe platform to purchase all your Lab-grown diamond rings, earrings, engagement rings and a vast collection of other marvellous Man-made diamond jewellery pieces.